Melissa Whippo has been practicing Jivamukti, Ashtanga, and Laughing Lotus Flow for over two decades, and teaching for 15 years.


A lifelong dancer, she has been teaching movement
since her early teens.

It's now the spiritual practice that calls her
to the mat and the dance floor.

Her yoga classes are all levels and focus on increasing consciousness through mindfulness meditation, clearing and balancing the energy through the Chakra system, and healing emotional wounds that often reside in the body. 

Her knowledge of asana, vipassana, and psychotherapy help her weave a creative flow designed to warm up the body and nurture the spirit.


She founded the Prenatal Yoga Program at UCSF and teaches weekly classes there. She is a guest teacher at Ecstatic Dances throughout the Bay Area. In addition to teaching groups, Melissa is available for individual healing sessions and workshops.




Vipassana, or Mindfulness, Meditation continues to grow in popularity and the benefits are now being researched. Current findings demonstrate that meditation can help us reduce stress, pain and suffering, and also increase capacity for joy and pleasure.


Some studies have demonstrated that using Mindfulness Meditation can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. As a clinician, Melissa often uses Mindfulness Meditation to help clients cope with moment-to-moment feelings that can be overwhelming.



By learning how to pay deeper attention to our feeling states, we realize that all of them are temporary.

We can move through highs and lows with more ease and less struggle.  


If you are seeing me for psychotherapy and it feels relevant to your treatment, we may use meditation during your sessions as well.


Here are some simple, introductory guided meditation practices to help you develop your own daily practice.